Gaia-Yes or No ? (for 8 -12 yr old)

Some time ago a well known scientist (James Lovelock) suggested that the Earth (our planet) was special. He claimed that the Earth itself was a living thing and had control over its environment. He gave the Earth the name Gaia (a Greek name for the goddess of the Earth) and suggested that the planet’s objective was to support life on it, at all cost.

It has been argued, by those who support this idea, that there is a lot of evidence from investigating the Earth’s history over the last 3 billion years, and the idea is valid. Below are some of those arguments. What do you think?










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75 thoughts on “Gaia-Yes or No ? (for 8 -12 yr old)

  1. Hi Mr. Farmer,
    I am not sure about the Gaia hypothesis because we are still unsure of their being other planets that have the right saline levels. I find it very interesting that temperature and saline levels have stayed the same for millions of years. I am interested in this hypothesis though and I will try and investigate some more.
    Great Blog Post!
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    Hannah 🙂

  2. No I do not think that Gaia is real. God made this earth unique, so that is the reason that the earth, and humans are here.

  3. Hello Mr. Farmer,

    This idea is very interesting, but I do not quite think that Gaia is real for a couple reasons. One is that much of Earth is made from non-living material, material that is not made of cells or has the qualities that living things must have in order to be alive. Second is that there was not life, that we know of, for a little less than a billion years when Earth first started and in that time Earth did not have the ability to support life. Thank you for your consideration. My blog link is


  4. Ryan

    A very interesting comment.
    You are right, for many millions of years the Earth was a molten sphere then amazingly in the oceans life was created in the form of a bacteria.

    Gaia is a hypothesis so it is an idea that has yet to be proven. It is unlikely that if it is living it will be like the other life on our planet. I personally think of it as a set of interconnected feedback loops ….. is that life? I think we will have to wait and see.

    Again thanks for the comment. I am posting it here because I cannot post comments on your site. It seems to be password protected.

    Mike (Farmer)

  5. Hey Farmer Mike,

    Although the story was interesting and cool I don’t think it’s true because in school I have been taught that asteroids were caught in the Earth’s orbit and then they formed Earth.

    From Logan

  6. Do you think Gaia exists?

    I have reasons for Yes and No.

    Yes, I think it could be a possibility. I think what one of the girls said could be true. It was Gaia supports plants. I think Gaia could be balancing carbon dioxide and oxygen.

    No, because if the earth was alive wouldn’t it be able to stop dangerous natural disasters?

    From Reise

  7. Reise
    Great comment, thank you. I was interested in your ‘No’ comment. The Earth might not be able to stop dangerous natural disasters, but it might be able to compensate for them in some way so that life continues to exist. Just a thought.

    If you had given me your blog address I could have published this comment on it.

  8. Logan
    Many thanks for your comment.
    Are you sure that the Earth was formed by asteroids? I think there is evidence that an asteroid hit the Earth early in its life. Also some scientists think that life started on the Earth because of the asteroid strike.

    I might be wrong. Quite a stimulating comment, well done.

    I can’t add this comment to your blog because you did not give me its address.

    Mike (Farmer)

  9. Dear Mike Farmer,
    I think that the Gaia does exist because we have not proven that there is any life on any other planet than on Earth. Plus, other plants are either too hot, too cold, they have no oxygen, don’t have enough food/water, etc.


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  10. Farmer Mike,

    I think Gaia does exist and apart of me doesn’t I would like to share why. I believe that the Gaia theory is true because the earth has a system it balances our carbon dioxide and allow plants to live. Although if the Gaia had a mind of it’s own then how come Earth can’t just change its system we are suffering from Global Warming because ozone isn’t what it use to be. If the earth had a mind of its’ own then how come it’s not fixing the wrongs?


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  11. Dear Mr Farmer,

    I do think Gaia exists because when Gaia moves, an earthquake or tsunami occurs. But at the same time, I think Gaia does not exist because earthquakes and tsunamis are caused by when the tectonic plates crashes together.

    By Charlotte.

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  12. Dear Mr. Farmer,
    I think Gaia is real because, if we didn’t have her we wouldn’t have plants.
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  13. Dear Mr.Farmer,
    I think the thought is interesting and the name Gaia is a clever name because in greek mythology the myth is that Gaia is a living being. I think that the thought that the earth might be true.But I won’t make any final decisions.

  14. Mina

    A great comment. I agree, the name Gaia is a clever name. I also agree with your comment that it ‘might’ be true. The Gaia idea is a hypothesis, it is an idea that has yet to be proven. You are therefore right not to make a final decision.

    Many thanks for the comment.

    Mike (Farmer)

  15. Dear Mr. Farmer,

    I think that Gaia is a unique name and that the Gaia idea is kind of like a myth because it is not yet proven but it also is kind of like a power. But like hmsmina, I won’t make any final decisions because we are not for sure.
    From, Aiden

  16. Dear Mr. Farmer,

    I think the name you created is very nice. Gaia sounds like the Earth’s scientific name I agree that the Earth is real. Because we have trees and I don’t think mankind made trees. I think the Earth gave us the trees and we have to use for us to live. I still agree.

    From, Caden

  17. Aloha Mr. Farmer,

    Aloha from Hawaii! I’m Taylor and I enjoyed this activity very much! I think Gaia exsits because how else did life start or how did the world become what it is? Here is my blog: Come check out my blog!


  18. Hi Mr. Farmer,

    I enjoyed doing this activity a lot. I don’t think that Gaia exhists because if the Earth was a real person, wouldn’t it be hard to stop or prevent natural disasters such as earthquakes and tsunamis?

  19. Aiden
    I am pleased to see your class responding to my post about Gaia. Gaia is an interesting name which James Lovelock (the originator of the hypothesis) first proposed as far back as 1995. One of the interesting proposals that he made was support for electricity produced by nuclear power stations. Why do you think he said that?

    Think about the gases which are produced by the production of electricity by other means AND think about the electricity that could be produced by other more ‘friendly’ processes.

    Just some thoughts. I agree with your final comment. It is an interesting hypothesis but yet to be proven.

    Many thanks for your comment.

    Mike (Farmer)

  20. Caden

    Many thanks for your interesting comment. I agree – if we want to think of the Earth as a living entity (I initially wrote ‘thing’ but quickly decided that, that was the wrong word) the title Gaia is a very appropriate .

    My thoughts about your comment about trees is that trees need us (humans and animals) to provide them with Carbon Dioxide so that they can grow and give off Oxygen which we (humans and animals) need to survive. There is this ‘magic’ interdependence which we both need to do to survive.
    This is one of the Gaia hypothesis feedback loops that need to be evaluated.

    Many thanks for your question.
    Mike (Farmer)

  21. Hmschad

    Ok. I think there is a case for arguing that Gaia does not exist. I don’t however think that your argument is really valid. Why. My argument against yours would be that Gaia would not necessarily be like a real person. It could be a bacterial molecule …which is life …. but obviously incapable of the sorts of things that Gaia needs to do. Gaia could be a form of life that we have yet to discover.

    My second comment is that the Gaia hypothesis proposed is linked to controlling the effects that the Earth naturally produces so that life continues to exist. It is not about preventing the disasters.

    A great comment. Very thoughtful.

    Mike (Farmer)

  22. I don’t believe that gaia exist because with all the high technology equipment that we have today I think that they would’ve found out if all along if earth was alive. But, I do think It’s fun to think about it.

  23. Hi Mike Farmer,
    I think that this a very interesting question. I would say no to answering your question. I do not think that Gaia exist. I do not think that Earth is alive because then, wouldn’t be able to control what happens on Earth.


  24. Reyn
    A great comment, thank you. Lovelock’s idea is a hypothesis so it is just an idea not a tested theory, so your thoughts might be valid. It does however remain interesting that throughout all of the catastrophes that have befallen the Earth, volcanoes, asteroid strike, ice ages etc. Certain factors that are needed to maintain life have been constant. the dinosaurs might have been wiped out but life, in terms of smaller animals, bacteria and other forms still survived.

    Mike Farmer

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