Gaia-Yes or No ? (for 8 -12 yr old)

Some time ago a well known scientist (James Lovelock) suggested that the Earth (our planet) was special. He claimed that the Earth itself was a living thing and had control over its environment. He gave the Earth the name Gaia (a Greek name for the goddess of the Earth) and suggested that the planet’s objective was to support life on it, at all cost.

It has been argued, by those who support this idea, that there is a lot of evidence from investigating the Earth’s history over the last 3 billion years, and the idea is valid. Below are some of those arguments. What do you think?










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75 thoughts on “Gaia-Yes or No ? (for 8 -12 yr old)

  1. I do not that Gaia is some thing that is real it is more like some think that is there to show some that we do not now how they work
    form Olivia

  2. I think Gaia does exist because it says that Gaia is a Greek name for the goddess of earth and that Gaia supports the earths ecosystem. Another reason why I think Gaia exists is because it says it levels out the carbon dioxide and the Oxygen in the air so us human beings can live on earth.

    Kind Regards
    From Georgia
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  3. Hi Mr Farmer,
    I think that the Gaia does exist because so far in astronmey research there is no evidence that there is life on any other planet on earth. Plus other planets are too hot or don’t have oxygen or enough of the human resources that life needs to live and sustain a healthy population.
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  4. Hi Mr. Farmer.
    I think this is true that Gaia does exist because as it says no other planets have everything that we need to survive on the other planets but everything on Earth. Also that it is the right temperature. That is what I was thinking about Gaia and if it is real.Come vist my blog at

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  5. Olivia

    Thank you for your comment, a brilliant comment. Yes I am attempted to agree with you. This I why in science we would classify the idea as an hypothesis – a possible explanation which is not based upon facts.

    Many thanks for the comment.


  6. Hi Mr Farmer
    I do think that Gaia does exist because as it says that no other planet has everything we need to survive on. Plus other planets are too hot or don’t have oxygen or enough human resources that living things need.
    From Jess
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  7. Hi Mr Farmer,
    I think Gaia does exist because Gaia or who is also know as the goddess of looking after the earth takes care of the environment and ecosystem. By doing this she allows trees to breath in carbon dioxide and let out oxygen. So we can breath in oxygen and let out carbon dioxide so we can live.

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  8. Hi Mr. Farmer,

    I really like the evidence used to support this theory. In my opinion, I do not think that Gaia exists. I believe this because plants are what produces oxygen and uses carbon dioxide, and they do that naturally. The Earth has always been natural and produced life on its own.

    Thank you for letting me state my personal opinion!


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  9. Dear Mr. Farmer,
    I do not think that Gaia is real. If it was, it would be breathing and we would feel the vibrations. Also, it would talk or make noises. If it was living, would need food of some sort and Earth doesn’t need food. I just think that Earth was the lucky planet to have life on it. How would Earth be alive without any of these qualities. Here is a link to my blog:

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  10. Hi Mr Farmer,
    I belive that Gaia is a real thing. I think this because Gaia sounds like it would be something inside of plants to give us oxygen. We all know that plants take incarbon dioxide and let out oxygen, so to me i think that Gaia is the cell inside of plants that give off oxygen. They keep giving us oxygen, we give them carbon dioxide. I think this is logic. A question that I have about Gaia is if it is a big cell, a small cell, or it could be any size of cell. Thankyou for reading my comment.
    P.S. Please copy and paste this. Thankyou.

  11. I think that it is cool about how you wrote of a guy that learned that Earth was special because it could control its own environment by itself.

  12. Oscar
    Thanks for your great comment. I think your description of Gaia as “special because it could control its own environment by itself.” is one of the best descriptions I have come across.
    Remember Gaia is a hypothesis (an idea) so it has to be properly tested before it becomes a theory and is officially accepted.
    Thanks again.

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  13. Joanthan

    Thanks for your comment. Your comment did not give me a full address for your blog so my answer to your excellent comment is included in this area.

    I am pleased that you think that Gaia is a possibility. I liked your focus on plants, however this is only one aspect of the nature of Gaia. Lovelock and those who support him would suggest that the Earth’s temperature is also an important feature and Gaia somehow influences this feature of our environment. I like the idea of a cell, maybe the Earth could be considered as a cell? An important feature of Gaia is that it is a hypothesis (an idea) and has yet to be proven. So on this basis it is valid to believe and in the same way others will disbelieve ….I am in the middle!
    Thanks for your interesting comment.

    Mike Farmer

  14. Hi, Mr.Farmer,

    Well, I think that Georgia is correct. I do think Gaia does exist because it says that Gaia is a Greek name for the goddess of earth and that Gaia supports the earth ecosystem. It also said that it levels out the Carbon dioxide and humans need air to breathe.


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  15. Dear Mike,
    Thanks for this information on Gaia! In my opinion, I think that the Gaia exists because Earth is the only planet that provides enough resources to live on its own that it can be.

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  16. Dear Mr Farmer,
    You put a lot of information but I am not that sure about if it exists or not, but in my opinion people think what ever they think is real. I think it is not real.
    From Chloe-

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  17. Dear Mr Farmer,
    I really like you blog.
    I really liked the way you dId the Earth in the back round.
    I think that Gaia is real so I say yes.
    I would love you to keep doing these type of posts so i can comment.

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  18. Hi Mr Farmer,
    I think that Gaia does exist because there is no evidence that there is another planet with all the living qualities that earth holds. Other planets are either too hot, too cold or don’t have enough oxygen for people to breathe. This post was very interesting!
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  19. Yes I do think it exists. I like how you put up that argument. I think that is very cool. I like the idea of the post. I wish you added why you don’t think it exists.

  20. Sarah

    Thanks for your comment. I think I can quite understand your viewpoint and I am sure lots of others have the same views. If you read the other comments a lot of other bloggers are very uncertain about Gaia, myself included. I don’t think that should however stop people investigating the phenomena. The more we understand the more we can live, support and work with the phenomena..

    Thanks for your comment. If you had given me a blog address i could have made this comment on your blog.

    Mike (Farmer)

  21. Dane

    Thanks for the comment Dane.

    Lets look at your question “Why you don’t think it exists?” which you addressed to me.

    If it did exist, what form would it take? It is argued that it is an organism (a system with many parts that depend on each other and work together), therefore it might be in the form of nothing that we have ever seen before. It could be argued that it is the planet itself which has adopted the role of Gaia. However it might be that over time different forms of life have independently managed to control the environment. Plants take up excess carbon dioxide when it is around and use it to grow and give off oxygen. Animal life can then survive, eats more plants, until plants are decimated, less oxygen so animals are decimated and plants grow again ….its seems to be a self sustaining cycle.

    Hope this makes sense.

    Thanks for the comment. I would have made this on your blog if you had given me your blog URL.

    Mike (Farmer)

  22. Hi Mike,
    I don’t believe Gaia does exist. I believe it because there is scientific evidence how the Earth works and why it does.

    Keep Blogging,

  23. Hi Mr Farmer,
    I think that Gaia does exist because we have living plants that have the ability to breathe in like we do. They breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen and we do the opposite. So if there were no plants there would be no humans. So that means the only reason there are plants that breathe in like we do is because of Gaia.
    Thank you for that post it really got me hooked in.

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    From Isabella

  24. Riley

    You seem to be contradicting yourself in your question. Firstly you say that you don’t believe Gaia does exist and then you say that there is evidence that she does exist.

    There is good evidence that something exists that controls the type of environment that we are living in but this is not necessarily evidence of Gaia………mmmmmmmm

    So maybe you were not contradicting yourself. Sorry I might have misjudged you.

    Thanks for the comment. If you had given me your blog address I would have published my comment on your blog.

    Mike (Farmer)

  25. Stephanie

    You seem to be following Riley’s argument. I will therefore not tell you that you are contradicting yourself.

    Yes you are right , there is evidence that there are some interesting controlling aspects of our environment. Carbon Dioxide levels are controlled, temperature is controlled, Oxygen is controlled, the salinity level of our oceans is controlled (not mentioned before) ….. so something is happening. That these controlling aspects of our environment are evidence for Gaia has not been determined so Gaia is in science terms a hypothesis.

    Many thanks for the comment. If you had included you blog address I would have published this comment on your blog.

    Mike (Farmer)

  26. Gaia does exist because if you look more into the article and look for more information about Gaia you would find out that Gaia is a real object or thing in space. Some might not believe but if you take the time to look more into it you figure out that Gaia is real.

  27. Gwen

    Thank you for your thoughtful comment.

    You could be right. Various scientist have labelled it the Gaia Theory and believe that their is ample evidence that Gaia exists. Others are sceptical and use the term Gaia Hypothesis when they talk about it. Some have called Gaia an organism, which I find interesting. A dictionary definition of an organism is -An organism is a living entity composed of many interrelated components that work together to achieve a common goal. To me that sounds like a good description of Gaia although it does not give Gaia a physical description.

    Maybe my use of the word ‘physical’ is misleading. It might be better to use the word ‘ethereal’. That is my and others problem we believe there is some connection between the maintenance of global temperature, ocean salinity and oxygen in the atmosphere which supports life on the planet but we have yet to determine how this is done. Thus I use the term Gaia Hypothesis to describe the phenomena.

    Great comment Gwen. Hope I haven’t put you to sleep with my ramblings. if you had given me your blog address I would have published this on your blog.

    Mike (Farmer)

  28. Hi, my name is Sydney and I happen to have no opinion on Gaia. I do however some what think that the the Greek Gods are real, so I guess I still stand with my non opinionated comment. I am doing the blogging challenge and please would you check out my blog at P.s love your blog in total!

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  29. Hey Mike Farmer!

    I don’t think Gaia is real because it doesn’t seem realistic to me that a living thing would be so large…

    But if Gaia was real i would think it would be an ideal environment for a huge creature, the oceans and land is filled with animals so if Gaia was ever hungry he could just pull an animal into its mouth and receive all the food it needed.

    anyway, that’s what i think! make sure to check out my blog and all of my friends blogs at:

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  30. I think that the earth living have you been up to spas I have not like your post hive the ling ot my blog ttps://

  31. Dear Mike the Farmer,

    I love greek mythology, and I think that Gaia and the other greek gods exist. Also, Gaia created the earth and all we wouldn’t be alive without it.

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  32. I do not think that Gaia is a true hypothesis. There are facts that go against it. Why would the Earth have an axis if it is actually living, wouldn’t it be a god. If its living couldn’t the Earth go where it wants to go. Wouldn’t it crash into the moon. No living thing has enough power to move an object so big. It doesn’t make sense, there are no facts to prove this is a theory. Check out my blog

  33. Dear Mr. Farmer,
    I don’t think that Gaia Hypothesis excites. I think that it is a crazy idea that we are living on a living Earth. I am very surprised that a scientist thought this. Also, with your plant idea, I think that is isn’t real. If the Earth controls the plants, what if the Earth got angry? Whould we have a plant attack. In my opion, this Gaia Hypothesis is fake.

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  34. I feel as though our Earth is a living thing because things were growing before humans stepped foot on the Earth even if here were micro they were there. For his o be real the is living. I learned to adapt to our lives and that is why we live the way we do, even though we go though we go though droughts and food shortages it’s because of our fast pace and needy life’s.

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  35. Hi there Mike Farmer
    I think that Gaia does exist because there is not very much evidence on other planets having the same qualities as our earth has. Every other planet doesn’t have enough oxygen for us to breath or it’s to hot or to cold.
    From Kaitlyn

  36. Hello Mike Farmer,
    I think Gaia does exist because few evidence show other planets have enough oxygen for us to breath or the weather temperature is not suitable for us. Other planets aren’t suitable for living things. That is why I think Gaia does exist.


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  37. Hi Mr Farmer,
    I believe that Gaia does exist because there is not a lot of evidence that Gaia doesn’t exist, and other planets don’t have enough of the resources that the earth has.
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    Thank you.

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  38. I think the Earth is living because it rotates by itself. How does the Earth give us the supplies we need? Were did the green grass come from?

  39. Hello Mr Farmer,
    I think that Gaia could possibly be the reason for the way earth works but there are lots of different theories in the world for why and how it works. I am not going to say whether I think it is real or not real all I am going to say is that it is a possibility. Some examples of different theories include the ‘Big Bang’ and that ‘God’ created the world. Most religions have their own ideas on how the world works.
    So, as I said before I am not going to say whether Gaia is real or not, except that it could be a possibility.
    Thanks Mr Farmer for creating such an interesting post for us this week.
    From Rebecca.
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  40. Hello Mr Farmer,
    I believe that the earth is a living thing because it can support life. Other planets can’t because they would be too hot or cold and don’t have enough oxygen.

    From Anna.

  41. Hi Mr Farmer,
    I think the Gaia hypothesis is very interesting and until I read your blog post I was unaware of it. It’s definitely interesting that carbon dioxide, oxygen, temperature and saline levels have never changed, even after everything humans have done to the earth. Is the earth self regulating because of humans and what we have done to it? I cannot decide whether I believe Gaia exists or not. I believe that the earth is made up of many forms of living organisms but whether our planet is a single living organism, I have yet to decide. I think I would need to explore this hypothesis some more.
    From Amelie

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