Im not a tecci. I am an enthusiast. This causes me immense problems. Podcasting is the  present problem.Podcasting is a brilliant concept. It allows the podcaster to do so many things which could be of immense educational value. Schools can export their excellence. Pupils can perform in a variety of ways. Teachers can use it for teaching. It has the potential of being a very powerful tool. Is it ready for general use. No way.

The kids did the most difficult bit. they produced the podcast material then performed it. Brilliant. Recording with Audacity was almost OK – although Audacity has its quirks and does need some previewing. In the end the production of the MP3 file was relatively easy.

How do you now convert this to a podcast. Firstly one has to grasp the concept of an RSS feed. Really Simple Syndication……Simple, simple….what on earth is simple about this. Apparently a podcast needs this so how do you fix it. Simple, you go to somebody who knows! My colleague was brilliant and produced a set of notes that took me through the process of making this wonderful MP3 file into a podcast. Firstly you need to create an XML feed (What is an XML feed – never mind …maybe I don’t need to know). To do this you can create a post within your blogger account. Great I had one, this one, maybe I could use that. Maybe this was a really good use of a blogger account! In the posting you create a link to the MP3 file. Brilliant can do that. Next step please.

Go to FeedBurner. Why. What is Feedburner? You register and then create a feed address. you then choose a Chicklet. Is this a new word for the Oxford Dictionary? When you create it you are not really sure what it does and it involves changing the settings of your blog. Which you cannot do with this blog. So maybe you need another blog. So back to the beginning however was that necessary? Who knows.

Eventually you end up with a couple of addresses that could be fed into Itunes so that it can receive you podcast.

When is somebody going to make this a single button job. Come on you out there help the likes of me. We don’t need to go through this mess. This is a wonderful tool it meets all sorts of educational objectives make it happen for us.

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