A final warning, the vanishing face of Gaia

This part of my blogging life is based upon my own understanding of, and the views put forward by James Lovelock in his book “A final warning, the vanishing face of Gaia’. I didn’t find the book easy to read, I did however think the arguments presented were mostly valid. I say mostly because I need time to properly evaluate them.

The writing style of this latest book was difficult to come to grips with. It was, in a sense, a conversation with the reader. With many conversations one re-visits arguments that you have previously visited. This seems to occur in this book. I was therefore surprised by the comments that accompany the book. I did not find it ‘Supremely life affirming.’  or ‘Exhilarating’  or ‘Gripping, convincing and terrifying’ and it makes me wonder if the people who wrote those comments really read the book.

Anyway enough of that. I want to examine his assertions, work out in my own mind what they mean in terms of my own understanding. For example in his first chapter he talks about the importance of measurement and latent heat. The latter was something I met when I was completing my ‘A’ levels. did I understand it then? Do I understand it now? Where does it fit into his arguments. That will be my first quest.

Hear are my developing collection of linked posts (which I am constantly re-visiting and editing as this blog develops).

1. Latent Heat

2. Rising sea levels and the importance of measurement.

3. The sea gets hotter?

4. Sideline 1 –  Black clothes/white clothes and hot countries

5. An amazing temperature regulator and Latent Heat again

6. Sideline 2 – Evaporation from a water droplet

7. Algae so small but so important

8.  At last. The Greenhouse effect

9. Hello Gaia

10. Sideline 3 – Hypothesis, theory and falsification

11. Mars- A dead planet (Version 1)

11. Mars – A dead planet (version 2)

11. Mars – A dead planet (Version 3)

12. Gaia – The living planet

13.Gaia – The living planet (2)

14. New and frightening

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